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1946 Tsunami Photos; Hilo, Hawai'i
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coconut island
Photo number 1946.01 (Smith Collection)
coconut island
Photo number 1946.02 (Smith Collection)
Photo shows tsunami receding from Coconut Island (Mokuola), in Hilo. Photo shows a wave towering above the coconut trees and inundating the same island just a few minutes later.

Hilo Pier 1
Photo number 1946.03 (Immel Collection)
Hilo Pier 2
Photo number 1946.04 (Smith Collection)
Photo shows tsunami washing over and destroying the Hilo Harbor Pier. Photo shows the badly damaged Pier 2 on the Hilo Waterfront.

Hilo Waterfront
Photo number 1946.05 (Nakagawa Collection)
Hilo Molasses Tank
Photo number 1946.06 (Hatada Collection)
Photo shows the Hilo Bay Waterfront after the 1946 tsunami. The railroad is replaced today by the Bayfront Highway. Photo shows an Army Crash boat, which was at the wharf, washed up for about 400 feet, over the railroad tracks, and up against these molasses tanks.

Hatada Bakery
Photo number 1946.07 (Lau Collection)
Downtown Hilo
Photo number 1946.08 (Hatada Collection)
Photo shows damage to Hatada Bakery from a box car, after the 1946 tsunami in Hilo. Photo shows downtown Hilo after the 1946 tsunami illustrating damage to the makai (ocean) side of Kamehameha Ave.

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