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1950's Tsunami Photos; Pacific
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Streets on Midway
Photo number 1950s.03 (NPD Center Collection)
boats washed ashore
Photo number 1950s.05 (Fujii Collection)
Photo shows damage to streets on Midway Atoll. Photo shows boats washed ashore along the Wailoa River during 1952 tsunami.

truck in Waialua
Photo number 1950s.06 (ITI Center Collection)
people fishing
Photo number 1950s.07 (ITI Center Collection)
Photo shows a truck abandoned by its owner in the Waialua Bay. Photo shows people catching stranded fish during the receding tsunami at Hale'iwa.

waialoa boats
Photo number 1950s.04 (Fujii Collection)
transport ship
Photo number 1950s.08 (Goodale Collection)
Photo shows Wailoa River receeding leaving boats stranded. Photo shows military transport ship landing on Kauai after 1957 tsunami.

down palms
Photo number 1950s.09 (Rice Collection)
Photo shows damage at Hanalei, Kauai after 1957 tsunami.

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