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1975 Tsunami Photos; Halape and Punalu'u, Hawai'i

scout troop
Photo number 1975.01 (Thompson Collection)
Photo shows Scout Troop 77 just before leaving for their hike down to Halape. Two days after this photo was taken on November 29, 1975, a thirty foot tsunami washed over their camping site. Dr. James "Mitch" Mitchel (4th from left) and a fisherman, Michael Cruz (not pictured), were killed in the wave.

Halape before
Photo number 1975.02 (National Park Service)
Halape after
Photo number 1975.03 (Hawaii Volcano Observatory)
Photo shows a view of the Halape coast before the 1975 tsunami. Photo shows a view of the Halape coast after the 1975 tsunami. Notice the coconut grove standing in the sea as a result of the 11.5 foot subsidence of the shoreline.

Halape palm grove after
Photo number 1975.04 (Hirayama Collection)
Halape palm grove long after
Photo number 1975.05 (Hirayama Collection)
Photo shows Halape palm grove. Photo taken from small island offshore. Photo shows Halape palm grove, dead from immersion in sea water.

Punalu'u after
Photo number 1975.06 (Int. Tsunami Information)
Punalu'u after
Photo number 1975.08 (Kalani Collection)
Photo shows damage to nearby Punalu'u home after the tsunami. Photo shows house carried off its foundations in Punalau'u.


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