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1998 Tsunami Photos; Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea
Photo number 1998.01 (Davies; UPNG)
Photo shows a narrow spit of land, which is only 100 yards wide, stretching between the Pacific Ocean and Sissano Lagoon making the villages of Warapu and Arop especially vulnerable to the tsunami waves. These villages were built on beaches with their wooden huts only a few feet above sea level.

Papua New Guinea
Photo number 1998.02 (Davies; UPNG)
Papua New Guinea
Photo number 1998.03 (Goff Collection)
Photo shows villagers receiving first aid. Photo shows damaged property in the village of Teles.

Papua New Guinea
Photo number 1998.01 (Goff Collection)
Many villagers were crushed in their huts, buried under sand and debris, and many drowned. As people surveyed the scene after the devastation, they hastily buried the dead where they found them, either by digging graves in the sand or covering them with driftwood.

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