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1960 Tsunami Photos; Hilo, Hawai'i
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damage at Suisan
Photo number 1960.09 (Inoue Collection)
damage at Hilo town
Photo number 1960.10 (DeRoo Collection)
Photo shows damage near the Suisan Fish Market due to the tsunami. Photo shows damage and debris in Hilo due to the tsunami.

large red building
Photo number 1960.11 (Chow Collection)
everything piled up
Photo number 1960.12 (Polhemus Collection)
Photo shows large red building picked up and carried by the tsunami to another location. Photo shows damage to a car repair station in downtown Hilo.

person walking
Photo number 1960.13 (Tada Collection)
destroyed house
Photo number 1960.14 (Johnson Collection)
Photo shows person searching debris for personal possessions. Photo shows damage to a car repair station in downtown Hilo.

roy goya
Photo number 1960.15 (Goya Collection)
Mamo Theater
Photo number 1960.16 (Polhemus Collection)
Photo shows Roy Goya sitting by the wreckage of his brother's service station.
Photo shows damage to Mamo Street in downtown Hilo.

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