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Energy of Water Wave Machine Exhibit Opened 4/1/09

The "Energy of Moving Water" Wave Machine Exhibit was designed with the Department of Education to address 6th grade science standards. The design team identified educational benchmarks throughout the museum. The overall focus is on the energy of moving water and how tsunamis have affected communities.

Students are supplied with a packet to complete that will maximize their experience at the museum. The work packet focuses on the benchmarks. After a 30-minute presentation that addresses the energy of moving water, students visit the exhibits in groups and complete their packet.


Above -
Opening night  for “The Energy of Moving Water" Wave Machine Exhibit.  From left to right:  George Curtis, Museum Scientific Advisor and Designer/Consultant, Donna Kohara, DOE Resource Teacher, Donna Saiki, Museum Director, Chester Lowe, Wave Machine Technician/Designer, Dr. Marlene Hapai, Grant Director, Kyle Brown, Video Programmer, Barbara Muffler,  Archivist/Curator

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