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An Evening with Kimina Lyall; 2004 Tsunami Survivor
Journalist Kimina Lyall, the Southeast Asia correspondent for an Australian newspaper, was captivated by the vibrancy of the region, from the bustling energy of Vietnam, to the mystery of Burma. Under pressure to deliver scoops and exclusives, she was constantly on the move, chasing suspected terrorists and accused pedophiles from Cambodia to the jungles of the Southern Phillippines. To counter the hectic work life, she and her partner decided to build a house on a remote Thai island.
Kimina Lyall

Kimina Lyall and slide
But on Boxing Day, 2004, a rupture in the earth's crust 696 kilometers from their peaceful paradise triggered a tsunami that swept across the Indian Ocean. Killing hundreds of thousands of people, and leaving its millions of survivors with little more than nothing, the tsunami was one of the most destructive natural disasters in history - and instead of just reporting on it, Kimina was living through it.

On the evening of March 7, 2007, Kimina Lyall visited the Pacific Tsunami Museum and spoke on

"Tsunamis - terror and truth; important lessons for scientists, educators and future survivors."

Her presentation included photographs of the approaching tsunami, geological tsunami animations, her personal story of survival and the lessons learned in the event of a catastrophic natural disaster.
Kimina Lyall and slide

Kimina Lyall speaking with attendees
After the talk and discussion Kimina spoke with attendees and signed copies of her book documenting her experience,

"Out of the Blue; Facing the Tsunami"
Out of the Blue

Photo of Kimina Lyall, her partner J.P. and University of Hawai'i at Hilo professor Dr. Walter Dudley. Dr. Dudley was in Thailand researching tsunamis and interviewing survivors when he met Kimina and encouraged her to come and visit the Pacific Tsunami Museum the next time she came to Hawai'i.
Kimina Lyall, Dr. Walter Dudley and J.T.

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