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TTRC: Tsunami Technical Review Committee
Tsunami Technical Review Committee (TTRC)
This committee is hosted by Hawaii State Civil Defense and meets twice a year to discuss tsunami events, research, emergency management, and public affairs. Highlights of the March meeting were:
black ball Post-Tsunami Surveys: Structural integrity of the buildings was reported by two UH scientists who had just returned from the Maldives and Indonesia. A presentation by a Civil and Structural Engineer from UH further documented the need for building codes to withstand the earthquake, and will hence provide safety for an ensuing tsunami.
black ball Critical items for Hawaii are improved and up to date inundation maps, especially for Oahu and North Shore, and police planning and training to handle an evacuation, especially in Waikiki.
black ball April as Tsunami Awareness Month will hold a complete drill on April 1st with a focus on boaters and their evacuation plans and needs.
black ball Dr. Dan Walker was the highlight of the day with these recommendations:
black ball Tsunami Education must become institutionalized in our schools and State Civil Defense must bring all their clout to the DOE to do this.
black ball Our critical lifeline facilities must be ′hardened′−for example, we could have 40,000 Waikiki residents and visitors in high rises with no electricity.
black ball Need to examine criteria for a warning system on the Big Island from Kapoho to South Point / Used the term "missed tsunami" to describe the 1919 tsunami generated by a landslide and earthquake and a 1952 10 foot tsunami generated by a 4.5 quake at Kalapana.
This website has the largest collection of pictures from the Dec. 26th tsunami.

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